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From "Peter Gelderbloem" <>
Subject RE: Best Practices for Distributing Lucene Indexing and Searching
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2005 13:50:25 GMT
I am currently looking into building a similar system and came across
this architecture:

I am just reading up on it now. Does anyone have experience building a
lucene system based on this architecture? Any advice would be greatly

Peter Gelderbloem 

   Registered in England 3186704
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From: Luke Francl [] 
Sent: 13 May 2005 22:04
Subject: Re: Best Practices for Distributing Lucene Indexing and

On Tue, 2005-03-01 at 19:23, Chris Hostetter wrote:

> I don't really consider reading/writing to an NFS mounted FSDirectory
> be viable for the very reasons you listed; but I haven't really found
> evidence of problems if you take they approach that a single "writer"
> node indexes to local disk, which is NFS mounted by all of your other
> nodes for doing queries.  concurent updates/queries may still not be
> (i'm not sure) but you could have the writer node "clone" the entire
> into a new directory, apply the updates and then signal the other
nodes to
> stop using the old FSDirectory and start using the new one.

Thanks to everyone who contributed advice to my question about how to
distribute a Lucene index across a cluster.

I'm about to start on the implementation and I wanted to clarify
something about using NFS that Chris wrote about above.

There are many warnings about indexing on an NFS file system, but is it
safe to have a single node index, while the other nodes use the file
system in read-only mode? 

On a related note, our software is cross-platform and needs to work on
Windows as well. Are there any problems known problems having a
read-only index shared over SMB?

Using a shared file system is preferable to me because it's easier, but
if it's necessary I will write the code to copy the index to each node.

Luke Francl

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