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From Robert Schultz <>
Subject Any problems with a failed IndexWriter optimize call?
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 03:20:36 GMT
Hello! I am using Lucene 1.4.3

I'm building a Lucene index, that will have about 25 million documents 
when it is done.
I'm adding 250,000 at a time.

Currently there is about 1.2Million in there, and I ran into a problem.
After I had added a batch of 250,000 I go a 'java.lang.outOfMemory' 
threw by writer.optimize(); (a standard IndexWriter)

The exception caused my program to quit out, and it didn't call 

First, with it dying in the middle of an .optimize() is there any chance 
my index is corrupted?

Second, I know I can remove the /tmp/lucene*.lock file to remove the 
lock in order to add more, but is it safe to do that?

I've since figured out that I can pass -Xmx to the 'java' program in 
order to increase the maximum amount of RAM.
It was using the default of 64M, I plan on increasing that to 175M to 
start with.
That should solve the memory problems (I can allocate more if necessary 
down the line).

Lastly, when I go back, open it again, and add another 250,000 and then 
call optimize again, will a failed previous optimize hurt the index at all?

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