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From Klaus Hubert <>
Subject RE: SIMPLE Lucene / MySQL Indexer
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2005 11:59:44 GMT
Hi Chris,

this is indeed a cool application, but I need just to
create the index. I
definitely will look into your file and see if it
makes my life easier. Can
you tell any details how long it took to create such a
huge index? What
experiences you have with the slowest search? Does it
go over 1 second? (I
know, it depends on the hardware, but I'm just



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From: Chris Lu [] 
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 5:04 AM
Subject: Re: SIMPLE Lucene / MySQL Indexer

Please allow me to intraduce DBSight.
It's based on Lucene, oriented for Any database

Most of the things are done by web UI. No coding is
needed to create your
check out this demo.

It's free to download and test. Free for developer
edition, non-profit

Chris Lu
Full-Text Search on Any Database

Klaus Hubert wrote:

>I played with several search engines to replace MySQL
>and hope that Lucene is the best solution for that.
>I am reading Mannings book on Lucene in action and it
seems to be the 
>most powerful search engine I found so far.
>I'm stuck at some problem and need help from you
experts. I managed to 
>create an index as described in the examples. I also
managed to read a 
>MySQL database in Java.
>My question is, if anybody here has some SIMPLE
example which does this 
>in one step. I am good in PHP and in Visual Basic,
but very new to 
>Java. Maybe I'm using the wrong tools (NetBeans IDE
and JCreator) but I 
>don't get it managed to create an Lucene Index on 3
database fields.
>I appreciate any help.
>Thank you so much,
>  Klaus
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Chris Lu
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