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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Searching for similar documents
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 20:31:00 GMT
On Jul 20, 2005, at 1:47 PM, Derek Westfall wrote:
> I hope you will forgive the newbie question but do I have to add the
> MoreLikeThis.class file to the Lucene-1.4.3.JAR for it to work?
> I put the .class file in my \wwwroot\web-inf\classes folder

If you put it in the right package directory under WEB-INF/classes  
then it should work (provided all the dependencies it has are in WEB- 
INF/lib, which may just be the Lucene JAR file).  The package is, so it should go in WEB-INF/classes/ 
org/apache/lucene/search/similar.  I recommend you put this under  
your webapps WEB-INF/classes directory, not in a common directory to  
your container.

>     mlt = CreateObject("java", "MoreLikeThis"); // <---- this is the
> line that causes the error

You should use


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