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From Sven Duzont <>
Subject Re[2]: SIMPLE Lucene / MySQL Indexer
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2005 23:08:48 GMT
i thought it was a lucene user list, not a dbsight one

--- sven

Le mercredi 13 juillet 2005 à 17:47:14, vous écriviez :

CL> Hi, Klaus, thanks.

CL> You can simply use DBSight to create the index. It's in Lucene's
CL> standard format.
CL> And you can control index field type, analyzers, how to select data
CL> from database, number of java threads, etc, just by web UI. No coding
CL> is needed. We have a user who didn't know Lucene at all, and have 3
CL> database searches up and running in one week.

CL> To index a huge index, say 1 million records, it may take 5 ~ 24 hours
CL> depends on the record size, computer size, etc. Actually most of the
CL> time is spent on JDBC pulling the data.

CL> Special warning: MySQL's JDBC driver has a bug leading to OutOfMemory
CL> if you do a select with lots of rows. You must download the latest
CL> JDBC(dev version) and use setFetchSize().

CL> Chris
CL> ---
CL> Full-Text Search on Any Database



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