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From "Harini Raghavan" <>
Subject Re: Index locked exception while updating index
Date Sun, 24 Jul 2005 16:17:09 GMT
Hi All,

I am trying to add paging functionality while using lucene search. I have 
created a PageFilter what takes in the current page num and the number of 
records as input and invoking the IndexSearcher passing the a Boolean Query 
object and the PageFilter. The search returns around 1000 records when 
invoked without the PageFilter, but with the PageFilter, it returns only 6 
records. I did some debugging and realised that the in the method, the bitset.get(doc) is 
returning false for all the other documents and so they are not added to the 
Has someone implemented Paging using filters or tell me if I am missing 
something here?

Here is the code :

 public List searchDocuments(DocumentSearchCriteria searchCriteria) throws 
ApplicationException {
      List results = new ArrayList();
      String indexLoc = luceneConfig.getIndexDir();
      Directory fsDir = getIndexDirectory(indexLoc, false);
      IndexSearcher searcher = getIndexSearcher(fsDir);

      Query query = indexSearchUtil.getSearchQuery(searchCriteria);
      try {
            Hits hits =, new PageFilter(0,20));
  "Found " + hits.length() + " document(s) that 
matched query '" + query + "':");
            results = indexSearchUtil.populateDocumentInfoView(hits, 
      } catch(Exception e) {
           logger.error("Exception occurred in searchDocuments()");
      return results;

Here is the PageFilter :

public class PageFilter extends Filter {
    private int start;
    private int end;

    public PageFilter(int pageNum, int pageSize) {
        start = pageNum * pageSize;
        end = (pageNum+1) * pageSize;

    public BitSet bits(IndexReader reader) throws IOException {
        BitSet result = new BitSet(reader.maxDoc());
        for(int i=start; (i<end) && (i<result.size()); i++) {
        return result;

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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