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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Weird Problem with Lucene
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2005 23:02:07 GMT
: I do the following in Luke's Program:

I have to confess, i've never acctually gotten arround to using Luke, but
if i understand what you're saying, and if Luke is doing what i think it
is, then i believe your problem is an Analyzer issue...

: b) Enter term field-name: unit and value="DOSE", hit "Show all docs"
: c) A list of 5 documents is displayed, which is ok. The query is unit:DOSE.
: The parsed query is unit:DOSE and the rewritten query is unit:dose

I'm assuming that when you enter that info in, Luke is doing a strict
TermDocs lookup for Term("unit","DOSE") and finding your docs.  Then maybe
it's making a TermQuery out of that Term, showing you the toString on that
query, and the toString of hte query it gets from the QueryParser ... but
it looks like the QueryParser is using an Analizer that lowercases your
term (making it "dose" instead of "DOSE")

When you do a search on this new TermQuery -- you get nothing, becuase
that's not the acctual term in your index.

: Does anyone have an explanation for this behaviour? The problem is, the same
: behaviour is in my program, e.g. if I look for "unit:DOSE", I will get no
: documents returned. However, on many of the other 26 fields, it runs OK, and
: I can't see any difference in the field definitions.

do you see common behavior for all fields which are (non-)tokenized?

if so, then like i said: analyzer.  your query parser is probabbly not
using the analyzer you want it to.


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