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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: TooManyClauses in BooleanQuery
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 12:31:41 GMT

On Jun 13, 2005, at 7:47 AM, Harald Stowasser wrote:
> 1. Sorting by Date is ruinously slow. So I deactivated it.

How were you sorting by date?

> 3. I also read that we should save the Date as YYYYMMDD-String. I  
> don't
> like this solution, because I don't know that this will work. And  
> then I
> have to reindex the whole Data!

It will work :)  Terms need to be lexicographically orderable - and  
using YYYYMMDD will do just that as long as you don't need  
granularity beyond day.  However, before reindexing with YYYYMMDD -  
what are your searching/sorting needs?  If day is the granularity,  
then YYYYMMDD will be fine.  However you may want to break it into  
more fields such as year, month, and day separately.  Note: keep  
numbers padded to the same number of characters (1 for a day field  
should be "01" for example).

For sorting, you may find that once you've used YYYYMMDD that you can  
then sort with the field type as INT on that same field (use  
Field.Keyword for indexing).

> [3]
> My Fields:
>   neu.setBoost( boost  );
>   neu.add(Field.UnStored("content",content));
>   neu.add(Field.Keyword("keyword",keyword));
>   ConfDate date = new ConfDate(datum);
>   neu.add(Field.Keyword("datum",(Date)date.getUtilDate()));
>   neu.add(Field.UnIndexed("content_vorschau",content_vorschau));
>   neu.add(Field.UnIndexed("content_id",""+content_id));
>   neu.add(Field.UnIndexed("zeitstempel",zeitstempel));
>   neu.add(Field.UnIndexed("link",link));
>   neu.add(Field.Keyword("bereich",bereich));
>   index.addDocument(neu);

What kind of granularity for dates does ConfDate.getUtilDate() return?

Using Date for Field.Keyword indexes to the millisecond granularity -  
that is very unlikely to be of use to you at that level.


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