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From Dan Funk <fu...@BATTELLE.ORG>
Subject Re: Indexing Forums (Document & Field Paradigm)
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2005 19:09:58 GMT
You could have a parentId field in each document - which will give you a 
nice hierarchy.  You could also create a topicId (Linux, Microsoft, 
etc...) and a storyId.  At that point you can quickly identify the topic 
and story for the message - and you can also search within a specific 
thread (AND parentId=X)  or a particular topic, or a particular story.

Yousef Ourabi wrote:

>Thanks for all the help so far it has been fantastic. I have a
>question on the document and field paradigm, this works great for
>flat-files, like a word document, or web-page but what about nested
>forums (ala slashdot) where in theory a specifc chat thread is nested
>or is nested inside another chat thread.  Is there a way to nest
>lucene documents. IE Top level post in forum is one document, and any
>branches off the main thred are nested inside that top level one? OR
>is there a better mapping of lucene's paradigms to a slashdot like
>forums paradigm?
>Thanks for any help.
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