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From Gusenbauer Stefan <>
Subject Re: OutOfMemory when indexing
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 19:12:23 GMT
Harald Stowasser wrote:

>Stanislav Jordanov schrieb:
>>High guys,
>>Building some huge index (about 500,000 docs totaling to 10megs of plain
>>text) we've run into the following problem:
>>Most of the time the IndexWriter process consumes a fairly small amount
>>of memory (about 32 megs).
>>However, as the index size grows, the memory usage sporadically bursts
>>to levels of (say) 1000 gigs and then falls back to its level.
>>The problem is that unless te process is started with some option like
>>-Xmx1000m this situation causes an OutOfMemoryException which terminates
>>the indexing process.
>>My question is - is there a way to avoid it?
>I start my programm with:
>java -Xms256M -Xmx512M -jar Suchmaschine.jar &
>This protect me now from OutOfMemoryException. After I use
>Free your variables as soon as possible.
>like "term=null;"
>This will help your Garbage-Collector!
>Maybe you should watch totalMemory and R.freeMemory() from
>That will help you to find the "Memory-dissipater"
>I had the problem when deleting Documents from Index. I used a
>Subroutine to delete single Documents.
>It runs much better when I replaced it into a "iterative" subroutine
>like this:
>  public int deleteMany(String keywords)
>  {
>    int anzahl=0;
>    try
>    {
>      openReader();
>      String[] temp = keywords.split(",");
>      //Runtime R = Runtime.getRuntime();
>      for (int i = 0 ; i < temp.length ; i++)
>      {
>        Term term =new Term("keyword",temp[i]);
>        anzahl+= mReader.delete(term);
>        term=null;
>        /*System.out.println("deleted " + temp[i]
>                   +" t:"+R.totalMemory()
>                   +" f:"+R.freeMemory()
>                   +" m"+R.maxMemory());
>        */
>      }
>      close();
>    } catch (Exception e){
>      cIdowa.error( "Could not delete Documents:" + keywords
>            +". Because:"+ e.getMessage() + "\n" +e.toString() );
>    }
>    return anzahl;
>  }
A few weeks before I had a similar problem too. I will write my problem
and the solution for it:
I'm indexing docs and every parsed document is stored in an ArrayList.
This solution worked for little directories with a little number of
files in it but when the things are growing you're in trouble.
My solution was whenever I will run out of memory I will "save" the
documents. I open the indexwriter and write every document from the
arraylist to the index. Then I set the arraylist and some other stuff =
null and try to invoke the garbage collector. Then I do some
reinitializing and continue indexing.
 Looks easy but it wasn't. How do I check if i will run out of memory?
Runtimeclass and its methods for getting information about the free
memory were very unreliable.
Therefore I changed to Java 1.5 and implemented a memorynotification
listener which is support by the package. There you
can adjust a threshold when you should be informed. After the
notification I perform a "save".

Hope this will help you

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