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From Daniel Stephan <>
Subject Re: Lucene search clusters
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 15:17:18 GMT
My experience is also limited and stems mostly from having read some
papers with promising results. I went from the k-Means to the EM,
because I was hoping that it would be able to model more complex
relationships of my data. After all, EM is using multivariate gaussians,
so its results should mirror the reality more closely (in other words:
in reality there is little black and white, but its all some shades of
gray, and the gaussian probability distributions should model that).

My results are currently rather mixed, though. I think I may have too
much noise in the data. It seems to be very important to get the input
right, shit in - shit out :-).


Lorenzo schrieb:

>Daniel, could you explain to me why you are using em clustering? Is there 
>any best field or case for that technique?
>I don't have any em experience and would like to know something about that 
>(just studying some papers...)

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