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From Ernesto De Santis <>
Subject Re: deleting on a keyword field
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2005 18:17:29 GMT
from javadoc:

public final int *delete*(Term <> term)
                 throws IOException <>

Deletes all documents containing |term|. This is useful if one uses a 
document field to hold a unique ID string for the document. Then to 
delete such a document, one merely constructs a term with the 
appropriate field and the unique ID string as its text and passes it to 
this method.* Returns the number of documents deleted.*


Daniel Naber escribió:

>On Friday 03 June 2005 18:50, Max Pfingsthorn wrote:
>>reader.delete(new Term(URI_FIELD, uri));
>>This does not remove anything. Do I have to make the uri a normal field?
>How do you know nothing was deleted? Are you aware that you need to re-open 
>your IndexSearcher/Reader in order to see the changes made to the index?
> Daniel

Ernesto De Santis -
La Plata, Argentina.

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