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From Matt Quail <>
Subject Re: Fastest way to fetch N documents with unique keys within large numbers of indexes..
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 03:20:28 GMT
> We have a system where I'll be given 10 or 20 unique keys.

I assume you mean you have one unique-key field, and you are given  
10-20 values to find for this one field?
> Internally I'm creating a new Term and then calling  
> IndexReader.termDocs() on this term.  Then if  
> matches then I'll return this document.

Are you calling reader.termDocs() inside a (tight) loop? It might be  
better to create one TermEnum, and use "seek". Something like this:

reader = ...;
td = reader.termDocs();

String[] keys = ....; // your unique keys;
sort(keys); // this probably helps seek() below

for (key in keys) {
     Term t = new Term("unique", key);;
     if ( {
         // found a match

I'm pretty sure that will work. And if you can avoid the multi- 
threading issues, you might try and use the same TermDocs object for  
as long as possible (that is, move it up out of as many tight loops  
as you can).


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