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From Urs Eichmann <>
Subject Can't find documents with certain terms
Date Wed, 22 Jun 2005 19:06:23 GMT
My index consists of about 26 different fields. I have a very weird problem:
On certain fields, I cannot search - i.e. the search always returns 0
documents. I used Luke's Lucene Index Toolbox, and the behaviour there is
weird as well:
I do the following in Luke's Program:
a) go to the Documents Tab
b) Enter term field "unit" and value="DOSE", hit "Show all docs"
c) A list of 5 documents is displayed, which is ok. The query which was
generated is unit:DOSE. The parsed query is unit:DOSE and the rewritten
query is unit:dose
d) Then I just hit the "Search" button without changing the query or
e) now the result list is empty. The only difference I can see is that the
parsed query is unit:dose now instead of unit:DOSE as before.

The unit field is non-tokenized, indexed, stored.
Does anyone have an explanation for this behaviour? The problem is, the same
behaviour is found in my program, e.g. if I look for "unit:DOSE", I will get
no documents returned. However, on many of the other 26 fields, it runs OK,
and I can't see any difference in the field definitions.
I had this problem in 1.4.3, changed now to 1.9 RC1, but the problem is
still the same.

Perhaps I should metion that I have built the index with the dotNet version
of Lucene (dotLucene), but since the Luke (java) program shows the same
behaviour, I don't believe it is a problem with the dotNet port.

Many thanks for any help or suggestions!

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