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From "Joseph MarkAnthony" <>
Subject Problems with concurrency using Tomcat
Date Sun, 19 Jun 2005 23:05:06 GMT

I have been struggling with this problem for months and have made no
I have created a simple web app for my Lucene indices that allow the user to
rebuild or update the index.
In the *same* web app (perhaps this is important), I have the search module.

The update module works fine - until someone tries a search.  Then the
update will no longer be allowed to access the index directory.  The error
is somethign like "cannot delete _a.cfs" or somethign similar.

I'm running Tomcat on Win2000, and I've pretty much confirmed that it's a
WINDOWS locking problem, not a lucene problem per se.  This is the windows
"Cannot delete, File may be in use" situation that you may often get if
someone else if using a file and you try to delete it.  You see this
situation many times outside of Lucene.

Does anyone know how to solve this?  It seems to be a Tomcat problem because
I cannot duplicate the error in a standalone Java app.  I've seen a few
posts on this and the resolution is often to copy the index and then update,
then copy it back.  This can't be the only way to fix this.

Any thoughts?


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