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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: Stemming at Query time
Date Tue, 31 May 2005 07:55:53 GMT
You'd only need position-increment if using phrase-query... 
otherwise... positions are quite much ignored and you can expand the 
query with an or.
Eg, I'd do expand the query for breath to:

Term(breath)^2 or (Term(breathes) or Term(breathe) or Term(breathing))

I am not sure you can make a phrase-query with possible synonyms for 
phrase-constituents, you'd need to OR the queries with each set of 
possible variations (that grows quick! but do you know many people that 
put large phrase queries?)


Le 30 mai 05, à 18:54, Andrew Boyd a écrit :

> Hi All,
>   Now that the QueryParser knows about position increments has anyone 
> used this to do stemming at query time
> and not at indexing time?  I suppose one would need a reverse stemmer. 
>  Given the query breath it would need to inject breathe, breathes, 
> breathing etc.
> One benifit is that if you ever wanted to change your stemming 
> algorithm you would not have to re-index.
> Also your index would be closer to the actual documents.
> Comments?

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