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From Mike Baranczak <>
Subject Re: Results ranking on filtered multi-field query
Date Mon, 02 May 2005 16:59:48 GMT

On May 1, 2005, at 7:34 PM, Chuck Williams wrote:

> Mike Baranczak wrote:
>> I'm building a search engine that searches multiple document fields 
>> by default. Given a query string like "Bruce Lee", I would expect the 
>> results list to first show the documents containing both "Bruce" and 
>> "Lee", and then the documents which only contain one of those names. 
>> Most of the time, this is indeed what happens, but I've noticed that 
>> in certain circumstances, Lucene doesn't rank the results in the 
>> expected order. Specifically, it happens when I enter a query 
>> containing multiple words, searching multiple fields, AND try to put 
>> the results of that through a filter.
>> Code example is below. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
> I suspect the existence of the filter is only relevant to the extent 
> that you are ranking a different set of results. MultiFieldQueryParser 
> does not in general provide the ranking you are looking for, 
> especially for default OR queries. I found this to be a problem as 
> well and created alternative classes, DistributedMultiFieldQueryParser 
> and MaxDisjunctionQuery, which are available here: 
> You might check these out and see if they provide the ranking you are 
> looking for (I think they will). They were written for 1.4.3; they 
> should work in the trunk (1.9) but will get deprecation warnings. I'm 
> using them now in 1.9 and have newer clean versions which I'd be happy 
> to post if anybody else is using them (although the versions I use 
> still require java 1.5).
> Chuck

I substituted DistributedMultiFieldQueryParser for 
MultiFieldQueryParser, leaving everything else the same, and now it 
works. Thanks for your help.

Any chance that these classes, or something like them, will be included 
in the main distribution at some point?


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