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From Ian Soboroff <>
Subject Re: Search Theory Book
Date Fri, 13 May 2005 17:21:35 GMT
Gary Moore <> writes:

> Salton, Gerald and McGill, Michael J. /Introduction to Modern 
> Information Retrieval/. McGraw-Hill, 1983.  

Not only hard to get ahold of these days, but really really really out
of date.  This book should be of historical interest only.

Frakes and Baeza-Yates book "Modern Information Retrieval" isn't bad,
but is a bit sparse on particular algorithms.  It has nice references,
so you'll know where to go for details.

Managing Gigabytes is also a bit outdated, but has wonderful
implementation details.  No theory whatsoever, except regarding

Grossman and Frieder's book, "Information Retrieval, Algorithms and
Heuristics", is out in a second (and much cheaper, too!) edition,
probably the most up-to-date textbook.

The proceedings of ACM SIGIR is where the most cutting-edge stuff in
text retrieval is done.  Available online via ACM's digital library if
you're an ACM member.

The TREC proceedings are free online at  Some
classic theory papers that appeared in SIGIR have the implementation
details in the TREC paper (for example, Robertson's OKAPI paper in
TREC-3).  For straight "Lucene-style" text search, look for the ad
hoc, robust, web, and genomics tracks.


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