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From "Lilja, Bjorn" <>
Subject Strange results using QueryParser (?)
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 15:04:58 GMT


We have implemented a lucene search like this:

registry = LocateRegistry.getRegistry(RMIAddress, RMIPort);
searchables = new Searchable[] { (Searchable) registry.lookup(RMIIndexName)};
queryParser = new QueryParser(defaultField, new StandardAnalyzer());
Query query = queryParser.parse(queryString); // queryString is something the user specified,
like hello*
Searcher searcher = new MultiSearcher(searchables);
hits =;

There is furthermore a field in the index called documenttype.

The problem is this, when searching for "documenttype:Specifikation" I get the expected results,
but when searching for "documenttype:blankett/mall" I get none. I can show, using a class
simply displaying the index contents, that there is actually a field called documenttype containing
the value "blankett/mall" in several cases.

I first suspected the "/"-sign to be the cause of the problem, but searching for "documenttype:blankett/ma*"
actually returns the expected result.

I understand that there are several different query types, but should not the queryParser
create a correct query for me? I am quite stuck here and would truly appreciate any help possible!

Best regards,
Björn Lilja
Björn Lilja | Technology Services | Consultant
Tel: +46 8 5368 5000
Mob: +46 702 651 027

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