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Subject Re: Compass 0.4 Released
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 09:34:39 GMT

    I have not written anything about it, and it's just ideas that I  
have. The main goal of the semantics is that once you created that  
"extension points" from your domain model - your metadata, you can  
now use semantic modeling (is that the right phrase?) like topic maps  
and RDF to define the relationship between them.

     You already have a lot of information, which cost you close to  
nothing to create (sell sell ;-) ) by defining the mapping (meta- 
data, relationships), and if you went the extra mile and created  
"common-metadata", than you have a single source of metadata  
definition (that semantics will be able to utilize as well). So now,  
if you wish to define semantic relationship on top of all that, thats  
where I think that Semantics comes into play.

     Another aspect of semantics can be exporting your index as RDF,  
or Topic Map.

     In any case, there is a lot of thinking to be done on the  
subject, and I am no "semantic expert", so if you wish to discuss it,  
just drop some email to compass mailing lists.



On 3 May 2005, at 20:52, Gusenbauer Stefan wrote:

> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> "
>>    We are please to announce the initial release of Compass, a new
>> concept in semantic Search Engine/Object Mapping (OSEM) technology.
>>    Compass is a Java framework, built on top of the Lucene Search
>> Engine, making it simple to map your Java object model into a Search
>> Engine. Providing a powerful new tool for application development.
>>     Compass introduces declaritive mapping technology OSEM (similar
>> to O/R database mapping), transaction management, Google like query
>> syntax (based on lucene), externalise common meta-data and much much
>> more.
>> "
>>    You are the first to know, and I would really appreciate your
>> comments about the project and possible enhancements. We can continue
>> the thread here, but I would be happy if comments and enhancements
>> would be recorded on the project (compass) mailing lists.
>> The project site:
>> User Mailing lists:
>>   Cheers
>> Shay Banon
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> I would be very interesting to hear/read more about the
> compass::semantics how this will be realized. I don't mean the code I
> mean the models behind (like rdf ontologies,...)
> thx
> Stefan
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