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From Pierrick Brihaye <>
Subject Re: Reverting QueryParser ?
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2005 16:44:42 GMT

Erik Hatcher a écrit :

> No, this hasn't been done except for the basic Query.toString() output 
> which for the most part is parsable again.
> The question is, what do you do about the analysis process?  It's a 
> one-way transformation - and parsing again may not yield the same query.

We (the SDX developpers) have had quite the same need, i.e. to make a 
QueryParsed String parsable again, more often than most of the cases :-)

In fact, we did half of the job ; I mean... prevent analysis :-)

Look at

and search for : NO_ANALYSIS

You will see that we need an "UnanalyzedQuery" class which is already 
packaged for Lucene ;-)

The other half could be done by a method like OriginalQuery(String 
field) that would return this kind of string representation :

field:re_analyze_me (i.e. the original token)

or, the SDX way, modify the existing Query(String field) so that it 
would return this kind of string representation :


What do you think ?



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