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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject RE: Update performance/indexwriter.delete()?
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2005 22:14:48 GMT

: The first thing that comes to mind is that I could look at the transactions
: in the batch queue, and based on the docid, I could make sure to delete all
: the matching ADD docid's in the batch queue whenever a matching DEL comes
: in.   However, that will only work if I know the docid's.  But, what happens
: when the deletes are "term" deletes. My app would have to know how to search

well, it depends on what the terms you allow for deletions are ... if the
Terms are unique to individual documents (ie: an identifier) then you
don't really have a problem -- Paul Libbrecht & John Haxby have allready
replied with great suggestions.

If you are allowing deletions on arbitrary Terms, which may match many
documents .. yeah, that's a tricky one.

My off the cuff answer would be sort of along the lines of what you
alluded to here...

: interesting ways to do that (i.e. keep all the batched docs in a ram index,
: and use that to match previously added docs), I think that's probably going

you could maintain your batch using a temporary RAMDirectory based index,
and a list of Terms to delete.
 - to start a batch, create a new IndeWriter on a RAMDirectory, and List
   for deletions.
 - whenever an "update" comes in, add the doc to your RAM Index, and add
   the UID for that doc do your List.
 - when a "delete" comes in, add the Term to delete by to the List.
 - once you're ready to "process" the job:
   * close the writer on your RAM Index
   * open a reader on both your RAM Index and your persistent index
   * for each Term in your deletion List, delete from both readers
   * close the reader on your persistent index, open a writer, and merge
     your RAM based index into it.

.,..I've never acctually tried that, but i think it should work ... if i
recall correctly, Yonik was looking into this for a while, but i think he
ran into a snag with the fact that IndexWriter.addIndexes() wants to call
optimize twice. (?)

Anyway, that's the best suggestion i can think of.  Personally I'm
suspicious of any application that needs to process updates/delets so
urgently that the cost of open/closing the reader/writer is that
significant -AND- needs to delete by more then just a Unique Identifier.

perhaps if you described your use cases a little more (ie; the context of
your application) people could propose alternate approaches that might
accomplish your needs faster.


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