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From Sven Duzont <>
Subject Re[4]: multi word synonym (was Hungarian notation analyzer and phrase queries)
Date Sat, 30 Apr 2005 20:18:29 GMT

 Thanks for your reply Paul.
 Yes, this was a delicate point.
 I gave up indexing  multi-words synonyms as single token for the
 reason you pointed.

 To handle phraseQueries, i change the positions of the Terms that
 follows the synonyms.
 For instance for the PhraseQuery "jsp and vb developer", with the
 synonyms "vb:virtual basic" and "jsp:java server pages" the positions
 of the terms will be :
-Terms    : jsp vb developer
-Position : 0   3  5

 Doing like this, the queries for "jsp server" will not match.

 I have pieces of code to give if some people are interested

 Thanks again.


Le vendredi 29 avril 2005 à 21:58:54, vous écriviez :

PL> I knew there was a catch...

PL> I do think, however, that the point is a delicate one which would 
PL> consideration: multi-word synonyms are quite common!

PL> paul

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