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From Chris Lamprecht <>
Subject Re: TR : information
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2005 11:03:10 GMT
Hi Arnaud,

> First, I have to index different things; documents files and bdd tables
> to make a search on all theses elements. Is it possible? How can I index
> both elements? For the search, I have to use a MultiSearcher ?

Yes, you can store different types of documents (i.e., they have
different fields) in the same lucene index.  You do not need a
MultiSearcher for this.  (Of course, you could also divide your
documents between more than one index, and use MultiSearcher if you
want, but it's not necessary).

> Then I want to have different score for my results. For exemple, if the
> user keyword is found in a specific bdd field I want this results appear
> before others. How can I do "ponderation" on different fields and
> documents for the results ?

For this you can use a field boost, either at indexing time, or at
search time.  I'm not sure what 'ponderation' means.

> About the keywords written by a user, how can I filter them? Maybe some
> are not useful for the search and other like "AND" can combine results
> search?

You can filter search terms using "stop words" with the Analyzer used
at query parsing time.  Lucene can do "AND" searches, "OR" searches,
and "NOT" searches, as well as range queries, wildcards, and more.

> Then, I have right permission on documents, is there a way with lucene
> to introduction these permissions for the search ? if I do not have
> permission, results are filtered ?

You can use lucene Filters for this.  If you're new to lucene, the
best thing you can do for yourself is buy the book _Lucene in Action_.
 It explains how to do all this stuff and more.


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