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From Daniel Herlitz <>
Subject Re: Best way to purposely corrupt an index?
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2005 22:37:58 GMT
I would suggest you simply do not create unusable indexes. :-)  Handle 
catch/throw/finally correctly and it should not present any problems.

Assume one app builds the index, another uses it:

try: Build the index in a separate catalogue.
finally: remove ('rm') production index and move ('mv') newly built 
index to its place. Notify using app that it should reopen its IndexReader.

This relies on UNIX file handling semantics. (Can't say a word about 
Windows). Don't know if this applies at all to our situation, but it 
works for us.


Andy Roberts wrote:

>Seems like an odd request I'm sure. However, my application relies an index, 
>and should the index become unusable for some unfortunate reason, I'd like my 
>app to gracefully cope with this situation.
>Firstly, I need to know how to detect a broken index. Opening an IndexReader 
>can potentially throw an IOException if a problem occurs, but presumably this 
>will be thrown for other reasons, not just an unreadable index. Would the 
>IndexReader.indexExists() be better?
>Secondly, to test how my code responds to broken indexes, I'd like to 
>purposely break an index. Any suggestions, or will removing any file from the 
>directory be sufficient?
>Many thanks,
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