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From James <>
Subject help with date sort, please
Date Fri, 22 Apr 2005 00:07:50 GMT

Apologies if the post is a duplicate, but my original post didn't
come back over the mailing list...

I have an index of around 3 million records, and typical queries
can result in result sets of between 1 and 400,000 results.  

We have indexed "dateTime" fields in the form 20050415142, that is, to
10-minute precision.

When I try to sort queries I get something back that is roughly sorted
on index, but not quite.  Stuff is out of order just a bit.  The
size of the result set does not seem to be related occurance of
this problem.

We've tried lucene 1.4-final and1.4.3.

my code looks like this

s = new Sort( new SortField[] { new SortField( "dateTime", SortField.STRING,
true ), SortField.FIELD_SCORE } );


hits = qry, s );

Any help is appreciated, I'm so far baffled by this problem.


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