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From Tomcat Programmer <>
Subject Re: numDocs method of IndexReader
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 03:57:46 GMT

Hi Otis, 

Thanks for your answer on the integer issue. I was not
sure if the index was actually limited, or if it was
just the numDocs method call. I guess it really does
not matter which it is; and for me, I don't think my
index will ever get that large!  I do have a couple of
questions from your response: 

> Iterating the index like that is ok, but each call
> do reader.document(int) pulls the entire Document 
> off the disk, which can get expensive.

Thanks for the clarification. Is there a 'better' i.e.
less expensive way to extract values from each
document than to iterate through them in that fashion?
I would appreciate any suggestions that you can offer.

> The link to list archives should be on

I checked the site. The
"Lucene-user" link (on the left under the Resources
heading) which points to the eyebrowse apache site is
broken. The Achive link for lucene-user under the
"mailing lists" page points takes you to the mbox
archive which is not searchable. 

Hopefully these problems will be corrected soon. In
the mean time, does anyone know of any other sites
that might be archiving the lucene-user list and which
provide a search capability? 


Tom C. 

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