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From Gabe <>
Subject Re: Lucene for Geo
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2005 00:41:21 GMT

I don't think you can do this continuously, but this
might be possible to do by setting up "regions" of how
far away the person is. I'm not using real lats and
longs here, but say you want to search within 5 points
of lat=5; long=6. You could set up your search as:

+((lat:[0 TO 10] and long:[1 TO 11]) (lat:[1 TO 9] and
long:[2 TO 10]) (lat:[2 TO 8] and long:[3 TO 9]) ...
(lat:5 and long:6))

Hairy yes, but I *believe* looking at how scoring
works that (assuming all other terms had boost factors
of 0), that those docs which were closer would match
more terms and thus be scored higher. Not positive but
it's something to play with.


--- Martin May <> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I have some questions concerning using Lucene for
> Geo-searching. I have
> a bunch of documents (> 100,000) in the index that
> all have a latitude
> and longitude associated with them.
> I wanted to be able to search within a certain
> radius of a point of
> origin, which I accomplished by applying some
> filters on the search that
> restrict what values lat/long can take.
> So far so good. What I would like to be able to do
> now is factor in the
> distance from the point of origin in the scoring,
> i.e. give documents
> that are closer to the point of origin a boost.
> Simply sorting by distance won't cut it, because
> there are other
> relevance factors affecting the ranking. Is there
> any good (easy &
> efficient) way to do this?
> Thanks,
> Martin
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