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From Chuck Williams <>
Subject Re: NumberTools
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2005 19:12:30 GMT
Doug Cutting writes (3/22/2005 10:05 AM):

> Chuck Williams wrote:
>> If there is going to be any generalization to built-in sorting 
>> representations, I'd like to suggest two things be included:
>>  1.  Fix issue 34028 (delete the one word "final")
> Done.

Thank you!

>>  2.  Include a provision for query-time parameters
> Can you provide a proposal?

I'd like to think it out further, but one possible improvement that 
comes to mind immediately is to make FieldSortedHitQueue an inner class 
of Sort.  It is already a function of Sort (specifically, of Sort.fields 
which is the entire state of Sort).  Making it an inner class is 
therefore natural, and allows users to create specialized Sort's, e.g. 
with query-time parameters that they can reference in their specialized 
FieldSortedHitQueues.  This would eliminate the need to specialize 

The other specializations are FieldSortedHitQueue, SortComparatorSource 
and ScoreDocComparator.  ScoredDocCompator implements the semantics; it 
must be a global class since it stores the arrays of sort-field values, 
cached with the IndexReader.  The issue is passing the query-time 
parameters to its varous methods, which is done though FieldSortedHitQueue.

It would be nice to go one step further and avoid the need to specialize 
FieldSortedHitQueue.  It seems this could be done if the queue itself, 
or its Sort container, were passed as parameters to all the methods in 
ScoreDocComparator, but I have not worked out all the details to fully 
assess that.  If this was done, then the entire specialization would be 
to create a custom Sort with the addition of arbitrary query-time 
parameters, and create a custom SortComparatorSource to construct a 
custom ScoreDocComparator that implements all of the semantics of 
parsing, caching, comparing, etc., the stored and query-time sort 

That would be elegant.

If this sounds like a good approach, I could put it in my task queue to 
construct a patch.


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