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From Aad Nales <>
Subject Re: Multiple Field Queries
Date Mon, 21 Mar 2005 15:38:18 GMT
Perhaps i misunderstand but it seems to me that if you execute the add 
with two times a false value you will end up with the required result.

(content:test) (filename:test)

which is equivalent to your requested query.

hope this helps,
Aad Nales

Gusenbauer Stefan wrote:

> Hello,
> at the moment i cannot search through the mailinglist archives so i 
> will bother you. I will search over multiple fields for example 
> content and filename. The MultiFieldQueryParser is not applicable for 
> me so i create the query syntax programmatically. The querystring is 
> parsed with the QueryParser i use it in this example two times for 
> content and filename the resulting query. Then i combine them with 
> BooleanQuery add the resulting string is for example +content:test 
> +filename:test. The problem here is i would like to construct a query 
> like (+content:test) OR (+filename:test). Is the only alternative to 
> extend the boolean query to the string and make some string operations 
> above it and pass it through the QueryParser again?
> Thanks
> Stefan

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