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From "Monsur Hossain" <>
Subject Deploying index to multiple webservers
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2005 00:41:50 GMT
The setup: Using Lucene.NET in a web environment on Win2k3 servers.  One
process runs every 5 minutes, grabbing new rows from the database, and
adding them to a Lucene index.  Only additions are made to the index, no
deletions.  The mergeFactor is set to 2 to minimize the number of segments.

This index is not searched on, but it is copied to a series of webservers,
where searches are performed.  I'm caching the IndexReader used by the
IndexSearcher; this IndexReader is recreated whenever the index files

My questions:  What's the proper way to deploy this main index to all the
webservers?  Is it safe to just xcopy the index to each individual
webserver?  If so, is there a good way to delete the old index files?

Now this is just the setup I've dreamed up; if someone can suggest a better
method, I'm all ears.  I'd like to keep the indexing process separated from
the index deployment process.  And I don't want to interrupt searches on the
web frontend.


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