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From Kristian Hermsdorf <>
Subject Re: Use an executable from java ...
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2005 08:03:05 GMT

> I ve a kind of problem to execute a converting tool to modify a pdf to an
> html under Linux. In fact, i have an executable "pdftohtml" which work
> correctly on batch mode, and when I want to use it through Java under
> Windows 2000 works also,BUT it does not work at all on the server under
> linux. I m using the following code....

you've got to read the processes stdout and stderr while the process is running. If you don't
read those streams the process will block after it wrote some (about 8k) bytes to ist's stdout/stderr.

We're using pdftotext as well, because PDFbox ist really slow. If your application should
work under Windows you will probably experiance some mystic Java-VM crashes while executing
external processes in batch-mode. (This is because of a bug in Windows-VM... we implemented
out own Process with JNI to compensate this bug).


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