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From "" <>
Subject Re: PHP-Lucene Integration
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2005 00:51:10 GMT
Hi Owen

I am using Lucene with PHP, though in previous replies it was suggested 
to run Tomcat on an alternate port, but for me that was not a solution. 
I did not want to run too many tasks or too many servers
for various reasons (maintenance, security etc) and also needed to have 
control over PHP sessions and what not.

The original PHP extension for Java is broken and is far fro being 
usable in production. Instead I have been using PHP and Lucene with a 
PHP-Java-Bridge for the past 6 months or so.
It does the job very well and I can call classes and methods right out 
of PHP just like you would expect with a PHP extension.

The bridge is available here:

Hope this helps,


Owen Densmore said the following on 2/6/2005 12:10 PM:

> I'm building a lucene project for a client who uses php for their 
> dynamic web pages.  It would be possible to add servlets to their 
> environment easily enough (they use apache) but I'd like to have 
> minimal impact on their IT group.
> There appears to be a php java extension that lets php call back & 
> forth to java classes, but I thought I'd ask here if anyone has had 
> success using lucene from php.
> Note: I looked in the Lucene In Action search page, and yup, I bought 
> the book and love it!  No examples there tho.  The list archives 
> mention that using java lucene from php is the way to go, without 
> saying how.  There's mention of a lucene server and a php interface to 
> that.  And some similar comments.  But I'm a bit surprised there's not 
> a bit more in terms of use of the official java extension to php.
> Thanks for the great package!
> Owen
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