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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Reloading an index
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2005 01:48:32 GMT

: processes ended.  If you're under linux, try running the 'lsof'
: command to see if there are any handles to files marked "(deleted)".

: > Searcher, the old Searcher is closed and nulled, but I
: > still see about twice the amount of memory in use well
: > after the original searcher has been closed.   Is
: > there something else I can do to get this memory
: > reclaimed?  Should I explicitly call garbarge
: > collection?  Any ideas?

In addition to the previous advice, keep in mind that depending on the
implimentation of your JVM, it may never actually "free" memory back to
the OS.  And even the JVMs that can, only do it after a GC which results
in a ratio of unused/used memory that they deem worthy of freeing (usually
based on tunning parameters)

assuming you are using a Sun JVM, take a look at...

...and search for MinHeapFreeRatio and MaxHeapFreeRatio


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