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From Joseph Ottinger <>
Subject Lock obtain timed out from an MDB
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 13:31:36 GMT
If this is a stupid question, I deeply apologize. I'm stumped.

I have a message-driven EJB using Lucene. In *every* case where the MDB is
trying to create an index, I'm getting "Lock obtain timed out."

It's in, which the user
list has referred to before - but I don't see how the suggestions there
apply to what I'm trying to do. (It's creating a lock file in /var/tmp/
properly, from what I can see, so it's not write permissions, I imagine.)

I set the infoStream in my index writer to System.out, but I don't see any
extra information.

I'm using a SQL-based Directory object, but I get the same problem if I
refer to a file directly.

Is there a way to override the Lock portably so that I can have the lock
itself managed in an RDMS? (It's a J2EE project, so relying on file access
is problematic; if the beans using lucene to write to the index are on
multiple servers, multiple locks could exist anyway.)

Joseph B. Ottinger                   
IT Consultant                          

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