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From Bill Janssen <>
Subject Re: 1.4.3 breaks 1.4.1 QueryParser functionality
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2005 12:46:00 GMT

My application (see for
details) is not just a Java app (you're probably not surprised :-).
It requires about a dozen other packages to be installed on a machine,
before building from source.  The Python Imaging Library, ReportLab,
libtiff, libpng, xpdf, htmldoc, etc.  Lucene is one of these
prerequisites.  I don't include any other outside code with my tar
file; not sure why Lucene should be the only one to require this.

Besides, I'd like to keep up with the continuous improvements in
Lucene.  I don't want to be stuck with 1.4.1 forever.

Please understand that I'm not trying to push your project in any
particular direction.  I'm just trying to understand whether Lucene is
usable for my project.  If every micro-release of Lucene means that I
will potentially have to re-write my code, I may have to look for a
library with a more stable API.

Maybe I just misunderstand your release numbering policy.  Typically,
in a library project that has major, minor, and micro release numbers,
I'd expect no API changes between micro releases of a single minor
release; only backward-compatible API extensions between different
minor releases of a single major release; possible wholesale API
changes (not backward compatible) between different major releases.
Is this the kind of thinking that you also have?

I can certainly understand that when you find improvements you'd like
to make in the API, you'd want to put them in.  I just think it's
important not to break existing code without bumping the release
number, so that a user can say, "This works with Lucene 1.4".  Right
now, that can't be said.


Doug Cutting wrote:
> Bill, most folks bundle appropriate versions of required jars with their 
> applications to avoid this sort of problem.  How are you deploying 
> things?  Are you not bundling a compatible version of the lucene jar 
> with each release of your application?  If not, why not?

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