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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Exception: cannot determine sort type
Date Thu, 23 Dec 2004 09:30:33 GMT
: The issue occurs if the first field it accesses parses as a numeric
: value and then successive fields are String's.  If you are mixing and

: > I am wondering why this exception might occur when the server/index is
: > under load.  I do realise there are many 'variables in the equation',
: > so
: > there probably is not an easy answer to this.

Knowing what i know about stress testing environments, i'm guessing you're
using some sort of auotmated load generating application, which is
generating "random" input from a dictionary of some kind -- possibly from
access logs of an existing system?  I'm also guessing that in some
configurations your load generator picks a random sort order independant
of the search terms it picks.

I'm also guessing that the issue has nothing to do with load ... if you
picked a single search term which you have manually tested once (sorting
by title) and know for a fact it works fine, and then you tell your load
generator to hit the index as hard as it can with that one query over and
over, it would probably work fine.

I think the problem is just that when it deals with random input and
random sort orders it (frequently) gets a result set in which the
first document has a numeric title field.

PS: I could be wrong, but if i remember right, the code that AUTO uses to
determine what sort type to use will treat it as a number if it *starts*
with something that looks like a number ... so look for titles like "1000
year plan" in your data.


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