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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Optimising A Security Filter
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2004 10:50:28 GMT
Paul already replied, but I'll add my thoughts below to the thread 

On Dec 19, 2004, at 5:05 PM, Steve Skillcorn wrote:
> I bought the Lucene in Action ebook, which is
> excellent and I can strongly recommend.

Thank you!!!!

> Does the IndexReader that is passed to the “bits”
> method of the filter represent the entire index, or
> just the results that match the query?

It represents the entire index at the time it was instantiated.  This 
is important to know in case documents are later added to the index.

> Is not worrying about filters and simply checking the
> returned Hit List before presenting a sensible
> approach?

It depends.  Is the performance of checking a relational database for 
the results being shown to the user acceptable?  Is the security risk 
of a new piece of code forgetting to check the results of a search 
worth it?

> I can see the point to filters as presented in the
> Lucene in Action ISBN example, but are they a good
> approach where they could end up laboriously marking
> the entire index as True?

Iterating through every document in the index certainly is time 
consuming and not something you should do for every search.  However, 
filters are designed to be long-lived.  Write your filter to simply do 
the logic of checking each document against the database, then wrap 
your filter with the caching wrapper.  Be sure to use the same 
IndexReader for each search.  When the index changes, rebuild the 

There is no clear best way to do this type of filtering of results, I 
don't believe.  There are details to consider for either of these 

> All help greatly appreciated.  Thanks to the authors
> for Lucene in Action, it's given me the high level
> best practices I was needing.

Steve - I really appreciate hearing this.  Putting this work to public 
scrutiny opens the possibilities of opinion.  Your comments hearten me.


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