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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Lucene working with a DB
Date Tue, 21 Dec 2004 15:54:00 GMT
On Dec 21, 2004, at 10:39 AM, Daniel Cortes wrote:
> I read a lot of messages that Lucene can index a DB because it use 
> that INPUTSTREAM "type"

Where have you read that?  This is incorrect.

> I don't understand how to do this. For example if I've a forum with 
> Mysql  and a lot of files on my web, for every search I've to select 
> the index that I want use in my search, true? But I don't know how to 
> do that Lucene writes an index about the information of the DB of 
> forum (for example  MySQL)

To index data in a database into a Lucene index, you must write code 
that pulls the records from the database and adds them to a Lucene 
index, slicing into fields in whatever manner you need.  You will want 
to be sure to update the index when your database changes by either 
removing, or "updating" (remove and re-add) documents.  There is 
nothing built-in that will do these steps for you.


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