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From Jonathan Hager <>
Subject Re: Lucene in Action e-book now available!
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 22:29:33 GMT
Congratulations on the book.  I ordered my copy the other day via
regular post and am eagerly awaiting it.  It looks like it will make
lucene available to a much wider audience.

Based on the table of contents, I wanted to toss out a couple of ideas
for your next book or articles.

1. I didn't see any examples of indexing a database table.  Although
it was mentioned in Chapter 1.  At the company I am currently
consulting at, we index the data from the database because its cleaner
than indexing the web.  This discussion should include why you would
want to use lucene to index a database table, rather than just using
the database indexes.  (The top reasons we choose to use Lucene
instead of just database indexes are: It allows stem word recognition;
It allows fuzzy searching; It ranks the results based on how good the
match is; It contains a parser that will parse natural language
queries; It has better Analyzers)

2. This one is a cookbook idea, I think it would be possible to index
the access log of web server.  Than when a user views product X the
searcher could search for a other products that were viewed by people
that also looked at product X.  In this way you can create basic
"cross-selling" opportunities.  This feature is a big seller to
managers for commercial search offerings.

3. A lot of search applications being built using lucene are web
applications.  I didn't see any reference to the two different
strategies for paging a hit list.  The two strategies are repeating
the search and caching a search.  An example of this would be good. 
[I know that I have seen this online, its just nice to have a
reference in book form]

Please don't take this as criticism.  First of all, because I have not
read the book.  Secondly, I am excluding the other 17 topics that I
thought should be in a book (for example, indexing PDFs, highlighting
search results, create a thesaurus, suggesting alternatives spellings,
filtering by ACLs, etc...) because they are clearly in your table of

I look forward to reading the book and appreciate your 14+ months of
hard work to create a concise but valuable book for Lucene.


On Fri, 10 Dec 2004 03:52:55 -0500, Erik Hatcher
<> wrote:
> The Lucene in Action e-book is now available at Manning's site:
> Manning also put lots of other goodies there, the table of contents,
> "about this book", preface, the foreward from Doug Cutting himself
> (thanks Doug!!!), and a couple of sample chapters.  The complete source
> code is there as well.
> Now comes the exciting part to find out what others think of the work
> Otis and I spent 14+ months of our lives on.
>         Erik
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