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From Nader Henein <>
Subject Re: Opinions: Using Lucene as a thin database
Date Tue, 14 Dec 2004 15:46:27 GMT
How big do you expect it to get and how often do you expect to update 
it, we've been using Lucene for about 1 M records (19 fields each) with 
incremental updates every 10 minutes, the performance during updates 
wasn't wonderful, so it took some seriously intense code to sort that 
out, as you mentioned, it comes down to why you need the Thin DB for, 
Lucene is a wonderful search engine, but if I were looking at a fast and 
dirty relational DB, MySQL wins hands down, put them both together and 
you've really got something.

My 2 cents

Nader Henein

Kevin L. Cobb wrote:

>I use Lucene as a legitimate search engine which is cool. But, I am also
>using it as a simple database too. I build an index with a couple of
>keyword fields that allows me to retrieve values based on exact matches
>in those fields. This is all I need to do so it works just fine for my
>needs. I also love the speed. The index is small enough that it is
>wicked fast. Was wondering if anyone out there was doing the same of it
>there are any dissenting opinions on using Lucene for this purpose. 

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