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From David Spencer <>
Subject Re: Incremental Search experiment with Lucene, sort of like the new Google Suggestion page
Date Sun, 12 Dec 2004 15:31:13 GMT
Chris Lamprecht wrote:

> Very cool, thanks for posting this!  
> Google's feature doesn't seem to do a search on every keystroke
> necessarily.  Instead, it waits until you haven't typed a character
> for a short period (I'm guessing about 100 or 150 milliseconds).  So

Thx again for tip, I updated my experiment 
(, as per below) to use a 
150ms delay to avoid some needless searches...TBD is more intelligent 
"guidance" or suggestions for the user.

> if you type fast, it doesn't hit the server until you pause.  There
> are some more detailed postings on slashdot about how it works.
> On Fri, 10 Dec 2004 16:36:27 -0800, David Spencer
> <> wrote:
>>Google just came out with a page that gives you feedback as to how many
>>pages will match your query and variations on it:
>>I had an unexposed experiment I had done with Lucene a few months ago
>>that this has inspired me to expose - it's not the same, but it's
>>similar in that as you type in a query you're given *immediate* feedback
>>as to how many pages match.
>>Try it here:
>>This is my "SearchMorph" site which has an index of ~90k pages of open
>>source javadoc packages.
>>As you type in a query, on every keystroke it does at least one Lucene
>>search to show results in the bottom part of the page.
>>It also gives spelling corrections (using my "NGramSpeller"
>>contribution) and also suggests popular tokens that start the same way
>>as your search query.
>>For one way to see corrections in action, type in "rollback" character
>>by character (don't do a cut and paste).
>>Note that:
>>-- this is not how the Google page works - just similar to it
>>-- I do single word suggestions while google does the more useful whole
>>phrase suggestions (TBD I'll try to copy them)
>>-- They do lots of javascript magic, whereas I use old school frames mostly
>>-- this is relatively expensive, as it does 1 query per character, and
>>when it's doing spelling correction there is even more work going on
>>-- this is just an experiment and the page may be unstable as I fool w/ it
>>What's nice is when you get used to immediate results, going back to the
>>"batch" way of searching seems backward, slow, and old fashioned.
>>There are too many idle CPUs in the world - this is one way to keep them
>>busier :)
>>-- Dave
>>PS Weblog entry updated too:
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