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From petite_abeille <>
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 20:32:52 GMT

On Dec 01, 2004, at 21:14, Chris Hostetter wrote:

> The real question in my mind is not "how should we impliment 'get' 
> given
> that we allow multiple values?", a better question is "how should we
> impliment 'put'?"

Yes, retrofitting Document.add() in the Map interface would be a pain. 
But this is not really what I was getting at. This is more about Hits 
and accessing its values. One problem at the time :)

> If you think you know how to satisfy 90% of the users, i would still
> suggest that instead of making Codument impliment Map, instead add
> a "toMap()" functin that returns a wrapper with the rules that you 
> think
> make sense.  (and leave the Document API uncluttered of the Map 
> functions
> that people who don't care about Map don't need to see)

Agree. Document is fine as it is. It would be nice though to have a 
more or less standard interface to access the result set (e.g. 
Collection)... as consumers of Hits are more likely to be build in 
terms of the Collection API than anything specific to Lucene...


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