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Subject Re: Lucene : avoiding locking
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 20:51:47 GMT

I am new to Lucene, but have a large project in production on the web using other apache software
including Tomcat, Struts, OJB, and others.

The database I need to support will hopefully grow to millions of records.  Right now it only
has thousands but it is growing.   These documents get updated by users regularly, but not
frequently.   When you have 100k users though, infrequently means you still have to deal with
lock types of issues.

When they update their record, their search criteria will have to be updated and they will
expect to see results somewhat immediately.

In moving from exact matching which is very poor for searches to Lucene, this locking is the
only thing that has me nervous.   I would really like a well thought out scheme for incremental
changes as I won't "generally" need batch unless I have to delete/recreate the database for
some reason.

Thinking about most online forums, I think incremental is the way they would like to be able
to go for searching.

I have lots to learn about this project, but I really like what I see besides that locking
issue.   If I get into this more and understand details maybe I will have something to offer
later.   Lots to learn first though.

Thank you for your hard work,



I am curious, though, how many people on this list are using Lucene in
the incremental update case. Most examples I've seen all assume batch


Luke Francl

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