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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Numeric Range Restrictions: Queries vs Filters
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 19:16:53 GMT

: Done.  I deprecated DateField and DateFilter, and added the RangeFilter
: class contributed by Chris.
: I did a little code cleanup, Chris, renaming some RangeFilter variables
: and correcting typos in the Javadocs.  Let me know if everything looks
: ok.

Wow ... that was fast.  Things look fine to me (typo's in javadocs are my
specialty)  but now I wish I'd included more tests

I still feel a little confused about two things though...

First: Is there any reason Matt Quail's "LongField" class hasn't been
added to CVS (or has it and I'm just not seeing it?)

I haven't tested it extensively, but strikes me as being a crucial utility
for people who want to do any serious sorting or filtering of numeric

Although I would suggest a few minor tweaks:
  a) Rename to something like NumberTools (to be consistent with the new
     DateTools and because...)
  b) Add some one line convinience methods like intToString and
     floatToString and doubleToString ala:
         return longToString(Double.doubleToLongBits(d));


: RangeQuery wrapped inside a QueryFilter is more specifically what I
: said.  I'm not a fan of DateField and how the built-in date support in
: Lucene works, so this is why I don't like DateFilter personally.
: Your RangeFilter, however, is nicely done and well worth deprecating
: DateFilter for.
: > and RangeQuery. [5] Based on my limited tests, using a Filter to
: > restrict
: > to a Range is a lot faster then using RangeQuery -- independent of
: > caching.
: And now with FilteredQuery you can have the best of both worlds :)

See, this is what I'm not getting: what is the advantage of the second
world? :) ... in what situations would using..., new QueryFilter(new RangeQuery(t1,t2,true)); a better choice then..., new RangeFilter(t1.field(),t1.text(),t2.text(),true,true);


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