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From commandor <>
Subject Transaction in Lucene
Date Sun, 07 Nov 2004 12:09:09 GMT

I came across the following problem with "No tvx file". 

How could I manage to get it?
I like to have transaction processes in Lucene.
After my reading dev-lucene and user-lucene lists and analysing what people suggested
I made up my own.

The problem in my case is that I had to make several changes and only than make commit.
That's why I did the following:

1. Turn off Lucene lock (setting the corresponding system variable = false)

2. Start the loop (from the first document to the last one to change in the index)

2.1. Open IndexReader 
2.2. Get a document by its id
2.3. Store it as local variable
2.4. IndexReader.delete(document id)
2.5. IndexReader.close()
2.6. Merge new Terms (changes) and old ones in the document I retrieved
2.6. Open IndexWriter
2.7. Add a new made document

3. end of loop

4. Waiting for other action ends in my programm I close IndexWriter.

The Result:
Everything works fine but I had "No tvx file"
I really worried about it cause I read what for tvx file...

Might anybody explain me what I did wrong?

In spite of your answer I did like the following: the way of logging messages

This message appeared with the help of System.out.println()

Investigating the code of Lucene I found a lot of places of using System.out 

I guess it is not a very good solution espessially in so beautiful search/indexing API. 
I guess Lucene must have a normal log to write its messages.

Thanks in advance...

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