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From "Jeff Munson" <>
Subject Search speed
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2004 20:02:30 GMT
I'm looking for tips on speeding up searches since I am a relatively new
user of Lucene.  

I've created a single index with 4.5 million documents.  The index has
about 22 fields and one of those fields is the contents of the body tag
which can range from 5K to 35K.  When I create the field (named
"contents") that houses the contents of the body tag, the field is
stored, indexed, and tokenized.  The term position vectors are not

Single word searches return pretty fast, but when I try phrases,
searching seems to slow considerably.  When constructing the query I am
using the standard query object where analyzer is the StandardAnalyzer:

Code Example:
Query objQuery = QueryParser.parse(sSearchString, "contents", analyzer);

For example, the following query,  contents:Zanesville, it returns over
163,000 hits in 78 milliseconds.  

However, if I use this query, contents:"all parts including picture tube
guaranteed", it returns hits in 2890 millseconds.  Other phrases take
longer as well.  

My question is, are there any indexing tips (storing term vectors?) or
query tips that I can use to speed up the searching of phrases?

Thanks in advance for any tips.....

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