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From Christiaan Fluit <>
Subject Re: displaying search results
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 13:38:17 GMT
Rupinder Singh Mazara wrote:

>   I want to be able to draw a venn diagramm or something similar that shows
>   how results of different queries overlapp.
>   the idea is to draw a diagramm using applets or gif's or the like 
>    which shows how  different results match, 

This is *exactly* what we are doing in our AutoFocus Personal 
application. AFP is a desktop search app that uses our Cluster Map 
visualization library for displaying overlapping sets of items. 
Internally it uses a number of Lucene indices, besides a number of 
Sesame RDF storages, hence our presence on this list.

See for more 
information about AutoFocus Personal, which soon will see a new final 
release. The screenshots should give you a good impression of what the 
visualization is about.

See e.g. 
for our latest published research article about the visualization. I 
also have a deadline today for another article, just yell if you're 

You can email me directly in case you are interested in using the 
Cluster Map library. Please know that this is commercial software, but 
for academic use we have an attractive offering (as judged by the 
universities using it!).


Christiaan Fluit

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