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From Nader Henein <>
Subject Re: How to efficiently get # of search results, per attribute
Date Sat, 13 Nov 2004 10:28:43 GMT
It depends on how many results they're looking through, here are two 
scenarios I see:

1] If you don't have that many records you can fetch all the results and 
then do a post parsing step the determine totals

2] If you have a lot of entries in each category and you're worried 
about fetching thousands of records every time, you can just have 
seperate indecies per category and search them in in parallel (not 
Lucene Parallel Search) and you can get up to 100 hits for each one 
(efficiency) but you'll also have the total from the search to display.

Either way you can boost up speed using RamDirectory if you need more 
speed from the search, but whichever approach you choose I would 
recommend that you sit down and do some number crunching to figure out 
which way to go.

Hope this helps

Nader Henein

Chris Lamprecht wrote:

>I'd like to implement a search across several types of "entities",
>let's say, classes, professors, and departments.  I want the user to
>be able to enter a simple, single query and not have to specify what
>they're looking for.  Then I want the search results to be something
>like this:
>Search results for: "philosophy boyer"
>Found: 121 classes - 5 professors - 2 departments
><search results here...>
>I know I could iterate through every hit returned and count them up
>myself, but that seems inefficient if there are lots of results.  Is
>there some other way to get this kind of information from the search
>result set?  My other ideas are: doing a separate search each result
>type, or storing different types in different indexes.  Any
>suggestions?  Thanks for your help!
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