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From Sanyi <>
Subject Re: AW: What is the best file system for Lucene?
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 13:13:26 GMT
> The notebook is quite good, e.g. the Pentium-M might be faster than
> your Pentium 4. At least it has a similar speed, because of it better
> internal design. Never compare cpus of different types by their
> frequency. 

Ok, this might be true, but:

All of my other tests where the CPU is involved, are running a LOT faster on the desktop PC
the 3GHz P4.
Even other JAVA parts are running a LOT faster. (twice as fast nearly)
So, we can't even say that the JAVA VM takes no advantage of the 3GHz P4 compared to the 1.8GHz
Everything is a LOT faster, except searching with lucene. (which is also a bit faster, but

> Maybe your index is small enough to fit into the cache provided by the 
> operating systems. So you wouldn't recognize any difference between your
> hard disks.

It is a 3GByte index and I always reboot between tests, so cahcing is not the case.

> I don't think so. I'm using Windows 2000 pro and SuSE 9.0 and 
> (from my memory) Linux seems to be sightly faster, but I can't
> provide any benchmark now.

Are you using reiserfs with SuSE?


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